April 8, 2010

Macrobiotics Day 7

When I elimininated all of the food allergens from my diet as well as processed foods and tons of white flour and sugar products (2 years ago)..I  felt so much calmer. I had told the doctor that I was going to, that I felt like I had a frontal labotomy...(in a good way) I felt more peaceful, less stressed. I had so many foods that I was allergic to... and add on the extra sugar and salt (I was eating way too much).... it was stressing my body out because each time I ate those allergens my body created a war inside me and decide to attack the gluten/egg/dairy (and many more foods) invaders. This takes so much of the bodies' energy it is no wonder autoimmune diseases happen.

Macrobiotics is making me feel even more at peace. Mealtime is like a ceremony, a treatment and meditation all in one. The foods in  macrobiotics are medicinal in nature (such as the umeboshi plum, and many other foods too) so you are in effect eating your  "medicine". Then as you prepare the food and set the table, it is like a ceremony, the pace slows, you chew thoroughly, thinking good thoughts/healing thoughts and  even praying or meditating if you are alone or having pleasant conversation when you are with others.

One difficult thing for me is temptation.  I have a husband and 2 children that eat other foods and I have a lot of temptation. Nothing too horrible, soy ice cream, lemon sorbet, chocolates, meat, but these things are not on my macrobiotic diet. Also being a mom and a wife, at times I need to cook things for my family...make GFCF candies for my kids, chicken  for my husband and other things that are tempting! The macrobiotic counsellor said to take one day at  time and improve and head in the direction of a correct macrobiotic diet step by step and not to stress myself out. So occasionally I cheat a little, but I try to keep it in check because I keep my eye on the prize. The macrobiotic counsellor said that Lupus and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis both can be healed/reversed.
That is my ultimate mission to reverse or heal my Lupus and Hashimoto's!


  1. I'm so glad you found what works for YOU....that is what healing is all about! Congrats! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Lisa,

    I am trying macrobiotics...and learning about it..

    I will say that it works when my blood tests say I have no more Lupus markers though! I hope this really happens and I WILL keep everyone posted!

  3. Hello, I absolutely love your blog. I have a really close friend that has been suffering from lupus for years. I will joyfully share this with them.
    My only question now is: Should they stop taking any lupus medication and just start with the Lupus Recovery Diet right away?