April 5, 2010

Macrobiotics Today...

Today's Tip:
Focus on your food as you eat, don't watch TV or read or use your computer. When you prepare your food think good thoughts, and stay near when you cook/prepare and lovingly prepare your food. ....A step further imagine as you eat slowly and chew fully that all of  the cells in your body are being nourished by the food .

I have propelled myself into a new world, although I know the basics of macrobiotics...I went to a macrobiotic counsellor and received his personal recommendations. I realized that with all I know there is so much more to learn. I will be sharing some tips in the coming weeks that can be used with macrobiotics or any healing diet.

I have been hearing many people say that when  a person has Lupus it affects the spleen and kidneys. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) if these organs get stagnant and stop working they will let toxins build up in your  blood. This will of course make you feel poorly. Although I have been doing a lot of raw food, TCM believes that the warming, mostly cooked foods, of macrobiotics will warm and strengthen your organs, especially the spleen. Although Lupus is seen as a inflammatory disease and you would think cooling foods would be good to cool off the inflammation,many times it is warming that the body needs to strengthen the organs to work properly and the inflammation will go away.

I am so happy for any opportunity to learn about any way to strengthen my body and it's healing ability. So as usual I will share with you all my experience and how it goes. Juicing is allowed but only 2x a week, and for the time being I will try to work in the supplements until my blood tests show that I am not deficient in any nutrients, etc. Have a great day!


  1. Thanks, I'd love to hear more about macrobiotics. Looking forward to hearing your experiences.

  2. Hi Lila,
    How are you? I will gladly share! Thanks for comment!