April 21, 2010

No Tropical Foods in Temperate Zones/ and an Update

I live in New York State. When I went to the macrobiotics counsellor, he said that tropical foods are a
 no no. In his booklet that he gave me it says to eat sparingly for most (or for me to totally avoid because I have Lupus) tropical nuts and fruits.

 Many of these are in Raw Food dishes I was making...In other words if it doesn't grow in my area I shouldn't eat it. These foods are meant to cool the bodies of people that live in the tropics, they have a cooling effect that is Yin in nature. Lupus is an excess of Yin disease, so I need warming foods not cooling foods to rebalance my body. I have been feeling better lately less heart palpitations (almost none!) and better bowel movements too (I always hate mentioning that but I want you all to know all the benefits I am getting from this diet..)Even more loose joints too! 

However I did have a small downfall yesterday...enjoyed a few of the Babycakes Chocolate Chip cookies that I made for my family...and then after that had too much Lindt chocolate(Bittersweet no milk) and then had a little bit of Peanut Butter Zig Zag Soy milk "ice cream" and oven fries with Organic BBQ sauce... OK well I went to heck with myself...(I got frustrated that I ate something the night before and got a stiff neck(could have been a new sauerkraut brand, brown rice syrup, or a taste of Divvies Benjamint Crunch ) and went "off the wagon" to try and appease myself... but just felt worse afterwards not health wise just guilty....

Macrobiotics seems to be helping me even more and I hate it when I turn my back on it and "indulge" in not so healthy foods...I usually have a treat or 2 here or there but yesterday was just RIDICULOUS! Well back on the wagon again...wish me LUCK!

Tropical Nuts

Brazil Nuts
Hazel Nuts
Macadamia Nuts
Pistachio Nuts

Tropical Fruits

Citrus Fruit


  1. Hi Toni, that's interesting. I wonder what we are supposed to eat in Australia? For example, Bananas grow here but they are an introduced plant/food and we don't really eat a lot of the native food. Also, do you know if your ethnic background affects what your supposed to eat?

    I'm always doing that- eating a few too many bits of things and then I flare up and feel extra bad! Love that Lindt dark choc though- that's what I eat too when I'm chocolate craving!

  2. Hey Lila,
    Sorry I didn't try to answer this question...

    I feel that it is a bit weird for me to be eating Japanese foods when I am Italian and Portuguese...but I am feeling better...
    There is so much conflicting advice..I would say eat what makes you feel good. An elimination or rare foods diet is best to find that out. I have found the worst foods MOST people have issue with are gluten, dairy and eggs...Read "The Lupus Recovery Diet" by Jill Harrington for some more insight. Or search my blog for the rare foods diet by Dr. Cranton.