April 27, 2010

So What's Wrong With Me?

This is a question a friend that I saw the other day at a Healthy Eating/Less Stress Class at my local library asked me. She had Lupus and no longer has it. She asked me to see her doctor and I did about 8 months ago. The doctor did saliva readings (psychometric aura analysis) I thought it was odd but I did the test.
The doctor gave me the results and she did touch on a few of my issues...mercury, digestive issues, pesticide residues and other things. Also she said most of my organs.systems were functioning at about a 70% out of 100%. She recommended many supplements which I was unsure of how my body would react, so I didn't continue with her....

So what's wrong with me today (testing and my new doctor shows)

Mercury and Lead (not in regular blood test, but in provocation test)
Pesticide Residue
Food Allergies
Celiac Disease? never was formally tested (before went GF)but sure seems like I have it , want to get the gene test
Nutritional Deficiencies
Phalates and other toxins have poisined my mitochondria
Leaky Gut
Intestinal Dysbiosis

I feel pretty well and macrobiotics focuses so much on digestive health, many foods are cultured/pickled to grow friendly bacteria the food is cooked so as to be easier on the digestive system. I have less joint pain, no brain fog, more energy,  less to almost no heart palpitations, and better bowel movements to name a few GREAT benefits!

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