April 16, 2010

Sit Down Relax and Eat!

Sounds easy right? Wrong... How many of us truly sit down at a table and take the time to enjoy our nourishment?? I found it got much harder this week when under a time crunch...

My  daughter has been practicing in drama club for a play that is running this weekend. This has added stress to the whole family, extra rehearsal time after school and bringing dinner for her at school (she has food allergies too). So I was planning what to bring in a lunch box that was easy to eat...AND we also pack her lunch each day, so that was 2 meals on the run....and had to be foods she'd eat....

It is hard not to say well I'll look at a macrobiotic cookbook as I eat my meal, or I will check my email while I eat, or catch a TV show like Dr. Oz, or Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (that's on tonight!)...but NO I need to have ALONE  time with my food, that's what macrobiotics teaches. Well you can have other company too, but you need to focus on your food with pleasant conversation being the only other distraction while you eat.

Time to go now and enjoy my Miso Soup. They say it cleasnses the blood and many more health benefits too. A great  book to read on the medicinal healing properties of macrobiotic foods is "Japanese Foods that Heal.." by John and Jan Belleme.
Remember, you don't have to buy the books I recommend, just ask the librarian at your local library!

Have a GREAT weekend!

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