November 24, 2010

The BEST GFCF Egg Free Pie Crust!

Because I got this from a book and it's hard to change the ingredients and there are so few...

I don't think it would be right to post the recipe...but I found this book at the for free...

The BEST pie crusts without eggs that I have tried are in "Flying Apron's Gluten Free and Vegan Cookbook" by  Jennifer Katzinger.

I know it's late but if you need to make pies for Thanksgiving, go get it from the library (or the book store)!

Remember that if you ask your local librarian, they can search the county and interloan a book if your local library doesn't have can also go to the library's webpage and go on to the library's book reservation system yourself and request books from other libraries in your county from the comfort of your home..then they get the books for you and all you need to do is pick it up when they call or email to tell you the book is ready for you. Talk about EASY!

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