November 19, 2010

Tips For A Happy Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free Thanksgiving

I thought it is time to help out people who are looking for GFCF (Gluten Free and Casein /Dairy Free )
and egg free recipes and swap outs for Thanksgiving.

My first GFCF egg-free Thanksgiving was challenging, (hard to believe that it was 3 years ago!) but it went off without a hitch ...except that I had to cook  EVERYTHING (that was before I did raw foods) and I was TIRED! Well my husband helped too....

Here are some ideas for a cooked Thanksgiving...

These are swap out ingredients to use in your favorite recipes..don't have favorite recipes? Check  great for beginner cooking "lessons" roast turkey 101, stuffing 101, gravy 101 , making mashed potatoes, etc. Some people love Martha some hate her...don't like her look for your favorite chef's/cooks recipes on Food Network they have written recipes and videos/shows too!
Check my cooking/raw food blogs too

Stuffing- use your favorite recipe with your favorite GFCF egg free bread. Or use toasted cubes of GF vegan corn bread  see my GF Vegan corn bread recipe at
My GFCF Egg Free stuffing recipe

Turkey- if you want to have a turkey make sure it is GF (some additives/glazes include gluten) and make sure it was raised properly and organic and free range.

If not having turkey and you want to have a vegan Thanksgiving try a walnut/mushroom pate instead of turkey.

Gravy- Use arrowroot, potato starch or rice flour to thicken your gravy and use olive oil, not butter if needed, use stock or nondairy milk of your choice to thin gravy

Pasta- Italian Thanksgiving? Use GF pasta and your favorite dairy free, egg free sauce or just have with garlic and olive oil, or make a garlic cream sauce with a roux see below...

GF Vegan Pie Crust- Look in Flying Apron's Gluten Free and Vegan Baking Book by Jennifer Katzinger

For milk in recipes - use nondairy milk, coconut, nut, soy, rice
For bread- use GFCF egg free breads, rolls, corn bread
For butter- use coconut oil, olive oil, Earth Balance margarine (they have soy free too, if avoiding soy)
For flour- use GF flours, bean flours, rice flours, nut flours, seed flours, GF baking mixes (make sure no powdered eggs or milk in them)
For cream- use coconut milk , or thicker nut milks (just make nut milks with less water)
For whipped cream- refrigerate canned coconut milk overnight and drain off the liquid and keep the solid cream. Put in a cold bowl and with cold beaters, beat and add a TBSP of sugar or maple syrup if desired and a 1/2 to1 tsp of vanilla, also you can look for a recipe for raw nut "whipped cream".
For cream cheese /pies- soft or firm tofu or "raw" nut cheeses, my recipe for a great nut "cheese cake"

You can use the cheese cake nut filling in GF canollis, as marscapone in GF tiramisu, etc. It is DELICIOUS you won't believe it.

Garlic and Lemon White Sauce (I hope the quantities are right I just eyeball it)
For 1 lb just cooked pasta

2 garlic cloves, minced

zest of 1 lemon (if desired)

4 tbsp. olive oil or Earth Balance margarine or a combination add

2 rounded TBSPs GF flour to oil and mash together

about 3/4 cup soy milk or rice milk (use to get the sauce to the consistency you like)

1 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

1/4 tsp. nutmeg (if desired)

3/4 cup Daiya or Follow Your Heart vegan cheese, grated (if desired)

2 tbsp. lemon juice

In a pan, mash the oil and/or margarine with the GF flour with a fork,  cook for about 3-4 minutes do not let brown add the garlic and lemon zest, cook for about 2 minutes DO NOT let garlic brown!

Add milk, salt, pepper and (nutmeg and cheese ( if using). Cook to heat through.

Taste and add lemon juice after sauce is off the heat (if using)

I usually make this sauce without the lemon...will try it with lemon next time...

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