November 12, 2010

Have 2 New Ideas - Everyone Please Comment

1) What would you all like me to cover on my blog/ which do you like to see the best?
   a) raw food recipes
   b) general healthy recipes, raw ,cooked, macrobiotic etc
   c) All disease reversal information diabetes, cancer etc.
   d) Only Lupus reversal information
   e) General health information detoxifying your house, car, nutrition, exercise etc.
   f) Books on health
   g) Holiday recipes
   h) Step by step actions to be healthier, day by day
   i) Anything else you would like to see/ topics you would like me to cover???

2) If I create a place on my blog for testimonies/stories, would you put up a quick testimony if you believe that diet or some other intervention helped lessen your Lupus symptoms,...or if you healed your Lupus and do not have it anymore....

I will try to put this up as a poll for this topic next , but please try to comment now if you can....Thanks!

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