November 26, 2010

Everything You Need to Know about Genetically Modified Foods

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Take a rest today and recuperate! I learned one thing yesterday about myself ....either I cook or I clean.... both is just too much! I saw a post from someone that said go out to eat to save yourself the cooking/ entertaining/cleaning for Thanksgiving...good advice (but eat healthy)...also don't go CRAZY cleaning and cooking massive amounts of fancy's just not necessary or and friends are the most important thing on the holidays. I toned it down the last 2 years and cooked only a basic turkey dinners with a tiny amount of trimmings and 1-2  desserts...that's all...we were just as happy and had less stress and more time to enjoy the day!
Enjoy this video and stay away from GMO's!

Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you for that video! I recently read a book "Unnatural Truth" that discusses genetically modified food at length. It is terrifying. Now there are attempts to bring genetically modified salmon to the market.

    I also have lupus. Making lifestyle and dietary changes have contributed to my remission. I still take Cellcept 250 mg to keep the nephritis at bay as well as Plaquenil, but that's all.

    Your blog is excellent. Can I add you to my blogroll?

  2. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the kind words...glad you like my blog and sure you can add it to your blog roll.

    Keep reading and learning about Lupus and natural treatments! Good for you!

    I will continue to pass information on that I find of interest on my blog and my only wish is that people know there is another way to find health. That there are doctors helping people feel better and live better lives with Lupus...and even reversing Lupus. What everyone chooses to do with the information on this blog is up to them personally.

    Hope you continue to feel well and keep learning and taking care of yourself. Keep in touch!

  3. Write, call or e-mail companies that might be using GMOs in their products. Tell them you will not buy their products unless you can be sure they are mutation-free. When you get the song and dance to the effect that "there is no evidence that GMOs are harmful…." tell them you want to see the scientific evidence that proves that they are absolutely safe. Boycott Monsanto and other companies involved in producing these ‘frankenfoods’.