November 29, 2010

Poll Results: Gluten Free Helps Lupus Symptoms?

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I had 22 people vote on this poll. Out of 22 people only 6 people said they experienced no change in health. Here are the rest of the results. People could vote only once but could choose multiple answers....16 people out of 22 felt better in some way.....good odds. (Always get tested for Celiac Disease BEFORE you go gluten free! Celiac Disease and Lupus often go hand in hand)

If you have Lupus and went Gluten Free or other foods free (ie sugar,dairy,eggs etc):

a) I believe it has lessened my Lupus symptoms 10    45%

b) It has made a dramatic effect on my health for the better  9    40%

c) No more headaches/sinus problems/less joint pains 4   18%

d) No change in health  6    27%

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