November 17, 2010

Raw Food and Me and Winter

Just a note to say that I realized I haven't been talking about  fancy raw food recipes lately...that's not to say I haven't been eating raw foods...I have just simplified them.

Instead of making fancy raw food recipes, I just make a large salad or some guacamole or have a carrot or apple or pear or a lemon, or a handful of nuts. Also it is getting colder here in NY and I prefer warmer foods in the winter. Also my husband is happy with raw or cooked foods but my children will eat some raw foods but prefer cooked foods. I know from studying macrobiotics as well as raw foods that BOTH raw foods and cooked foods are healthy for you and YOU should decide what percentage of each make you feel your best.

One of the craziest things I have heard in the past is that cooked food is addictive...would you eat tons of cooked veggies and say I can't stop myself? Would you eat a pile of plain cooked beans and not be able to stop yourself...not is more the salty, fatty, sugary and "comfort foods"  mashed potatoes, meat, mac and cheese, breads, cake cookies, ice cream, chips etc. that "get" us.

Yes, you can have warm raw foods if you choose to by:

1) heating soups or smoothies/hot "cocoas" by the friction of the soup setting on the Blendtec blender (or Vitamix) the heat is less than 115 degrees to keep the food raw, but a little more than body temperature so it feels nice and warm.

2) using the dehydrator to warm foods like enchiladas, raw pizza, fruits or cookies or chips

3) Using spices like cinnamon and ginger and hot peppers/flakes, etc

If you live in a cold climate, be sure to wear appropriate clothing to keep yourself warm, wear thermal underwear and hats and especially gloves to protect you if you have Raynaud's Syndrome.

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