November 23, 2010

Electrical Grounding can Help Lupus?

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2) Go to the Day 9 November 22, 2010 Earthing Program (Electrical Grounding of the Body)

3) Clint Ober and Stephen Sinatra interview - replay available for short time only!

    Lupus and MS are mentioned as well as many other diseases and health issues. They have a WARNING if you are on blood thinners, work with your doctor at establishing proper medication dosage levels because grounding thins the blood as well.

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  1. To better understand the impact that grounding has on the body we need to look at the pH scale. To simplify understanding the pH scale is the balance between hydrogen and oxygen ions. Although this description is not entirely accurate, by looking at it as a simple ratio between these two elements who each carry opposing electrical and magnetic characteristics, we find that our health status when normal
    exhibits a slightly alkaline pH of about 7.35.

    As the pH falls below the midpoint of 7.0, lower numbers become acids and posess a positive charge polarity. The amount of hydrogen present pushes oxygen away and it is the oxygen we require to sustain life. When accumulated positive charges build up in the body from being insolated from the Earth, our bodies have less oxygen and this lack of our prime nutrient sets off a cascade of diseases.

    By grounding the body, these charges are drained off and replaced by more oxygen ions and the diseases dissapear and our health is restored. Carmi Haen