September 25, 2009

Dietary Levels of Excellence

I have written about this in the past...with each new day brings new wisdom and learning. When I first started to change my eating habits because of my allergies, I would eat GF cake and cookies, I also ate soy foods and occasionally ate items with egg in them.

Then I decided to take out those goodies/ GF carbs with all their added sugar. That left me room for more healthy foods.

I also decided to take out most of the soy from my diet. I eat very little of that now.

I also don't eat eggs at all anymore(found out by blood testing that I am extremely allergic to eggs). As per my NAET practioner I don't eat chicken either, because allergies to eggs and chicken usually appear together.

I have begun to rethink the quantitiy of dehydrated foods that I eat, because Lupus patients many times having kidney involvement. Also I have thought about making my own "raw" jelly rather than using the jarred type with so much sugar and the fruit is cooked and without enzymes. Also I want to rely less on the roasted almond butter and make my own more frequently. I have recipes for this on one of my other blogs it is called My Raw PBJ Snack.

The point I am making here is that I am evolving and making better and well thought out decisions when it comes to what I put in my mouth. I know what I put in my body is what I will get out both in more energy and greater health.


  1. LOVE this post. You are right about dehydrated foods, I didn't buy a Dehydrator just because we can get to reliant on it. So I buy flax crackers and raw granola from Whole Foods because those the things I really like and I added one cooked (GASP!) meal ~ a small bowls of GF pasta w/sauted or steamed veggies. Satisfied me and doesn't give the the dense feeling dehydrated foods can do....You have to find what works for you and you are! BE PROUD!

  2. Lupus Girl,

    We really need to think what is best for us at this present time and adapt our food to give our body what it needs. Thanks for the kind words!