September 21, 2009

Had an oopsie!

Went to the NAET practioner about a week ago, and I told her I've been burping a lot lately, she said to try digestive enzymes. I told her I had "Similase" home and she said try it. I looked at the bottle and it said Gluten Free, and Wheat free and Corn Free and Soy Free etc.

Well...I tried it and the burping seemed to calm down and I was thinking GREAT another symptom gone...until...a few days later I started getting stiffer and stiffer in my joints and more pain. I decided to read the entire bottle of "Similase".

It has Maltase in it as far as I know that contains GLUTEN! I have not contacted the company yet but I stopped taking the "Similase" and I feel much better, all other things in my diet were the same as usual. I will let you know what I hear about this.......I will research further.

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  1. Hi All!

    A quick update to let you know that I did contact Integrative Therapeutics Inc. and I was not imagining things...their Tyler Similase Digestive Enzymes are tested to be under 20ppms of gluten, but looks like that was enough to put me over the edge. I had nasty joint pains and a terrible migraine after taking their digestive enzymes(the first migraine in a long time!)
    Glad that is cleared up...they also said to try their GFCF Enzymes instead.
    Have a great day!