September 17, 2009

Niceness to a fault...

I saw a special message in my email this morning from Ann Marie from the Renegade Health Show. In essence, she said as good and as healthy, as your diet is, you also need to pamper yourself and feel good about yourself as a woman(or a man). You will not be able to heal unless your spirit is strong too.

This made me think of lots of the people with Lupus that I have met in the past and present,
it seems to me they are usually some of the nicest people ....but they are nice to a fault.
You see, they do everything for everyone else and then forget to take care of themselves. Now this is not all people...but if you see yourself in this post take a breath and ask yourself (or God) what can I do for me that would make ME feel special? If you take care of yourself and give yourself some "ME" time you will have greater stores to give to others in your life!

The Naturopathic Doctor I went to said that it was the A+ blood type genes that make many people like this. A+ people generally are more concerned/worried that they may hurt someone by words and / or deeds and they don't want to hurt ANYONE'S feelings. A+ blood types are also much more prone to chronic/autoimmune disease.

Many times they bottle up their own feelings to spare another's feelings and bottled up feelings are not good for the body or for healing!

Personally I try to do a lot of different hobbies to have my peace and my "spirit building" time.
I play guitar, piano, do many crafts, train my dogs, cook/prepare food, ans I just started taking a free calligraphy class at my local library. I am teaching cooking/health classes at a local High School's Adult Education.

I go for my acupuncture and my "active release therapy" and try(though many times it's tough) to make my home life as stress free as possible. I thought my life was going to be easier when school started, no such luck this year, my son is in his last year of middle school and my daughter is in her first year of high school! Oh the drama!

Again think of your blessings and pamper yourself, take care of your body, and watch what you put in it and on it, try to incorporate some breathing exercises, some stretching or yoga. And take care of yourself YOU are WORTH it!

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