May 19, 2010

12 Tips to End Clutter by Care2

I love to organize things, but sometimes feel like I don't have enough time, or am too tired. Even though my joint pain, headaches, sinus pain, symptoms of Lupus don't normally bother me, I still have issues with fatigue at times. When I spoke to Sherry Rogers MD she said that she believed from my blood work that my mitochondria are not working properly from toxins in my body (like phlalates/plastics and pesticide residues).
If your mitochondria are not working properly you have low oxygen and low energy.Click below for more information on mitochondria and how to feel better..from a previous post..

Clutter can make me feel worse and overwhelmed,  if it does the same for you click on the link below on advice on how to lessen or eliminate the clutter.

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