May 27, 2010

Ani Phyo's Raw Chocolate Video

Was at and saw that Lisa posted this. Thanks Lisa, I've been trying to make raw chocolate for a while now and just couldn't get it perfect. I will let you all know how this comes out when I make it! OK chocolate is not recommended on a macrobiotic diet, but I do indulge occasionally. In fact I got "a talking to" at a recent macrobiotic meeting (Thanks Meg and Ken I do really appreciate you caring! The seed has been planted in my brain...)


  1. In this video Ani mentions she adds the maca powder, an adaptogen, because the caffeine in the chocolate stresses the adrenal chocolate good for us or bad for us??? The jury is still out...

  2. I made raw chocolate from a kit, the other day, that was from Navitas Naturals. The recipe was very close to Ani's, but used lucuma powder instead of agave.
    It did use maca and mesquite and cocoa powder and cocoa butter, I got the same results that annoyed me before when I tried to make raw chocolate on my own... the finished product had a slightly grainy/ powdery feel to it, not smooth and luscious, like cooked chocolate...
    BTW Navitas Naturals website has free recipes and many super foods for sale, lots of raw food essentials too. Check them out!