May 7, 2010

Something "Got Me" Again... (also cravings...)

The reason I talk so much about food allergies and what avoiding those foods/allergies has done for the quality of my life, is it really is AMAZING! When I avoid the foods I have tested allergic/intolerant to I have no pains, aches, have more energy, etc.

 But occasionally things "get me"...I have a good amount of pain in my neck/shoulder area and a headache and sinus pressure and more heart palpitations this morning . What does that all add up to? Something I ate "got to me". Could be something that "snuck in" (cross contamination either here at home or from a company's prepared foods, or I ate something I thought I am OK with but I am not...  Sometimes even exposure to the sun can do this to me also or extra added stress...Also to add to the confusion not all foods I eat are on my food allergy tests, so some foods are just trial and error as to how they make me feel. Sometimes I will try to just drink water and or eat veggies(ones I KNOW I'm not allergic to)  for 1/2 a day and usually whatever was in my system will be digested and I will feel better. Sometimes I have to be quite the detective to figure it out and sometimes it is as plain as day, like the day I ate olives and just felt like my heart was racing afterwards...had an allergy test a few months later and sure enough olives were a high allergen...but I could tell without the test...

Even though I am allergic/ intolerant to certain foods my family and my pets still eat some of the things I can't have. For instance my dogs and cats eat eggs, I must prepare their foods much of the time...I always try to wash my hands well etc. after preparing them. My son can eat wheat, I sometimes need to prepare his you see cross contamination is very easy here when not careful...

On another note, I was doing VERY well without having cravings/cheating on my diet then something just shifted, I was cheating like there was no tomorrow.... I decided that what is missing are delicious healthy macrobiotic desserts and I am going all out to find some great recipes, or make up some of my own.  I found when I was eating raw foods there were so many interesting and delicious desserts, I know I will find great desserts with macrobiotics too, I just need to search thing I have found is that macrobiotics is less popular on the internet for You Tube preparation videos and such. Well, I will be making more videos of my own I will change that a bit...I will be adding macrobiotic cooking, gluten free baking and cooking, and raw food also. I will try to post more pictures and videos of the foods on my recipe blogs  (super healthy healing recipes) and (foods to be eaten when have a craving... eat sparingly on special occasions--not super healthy recipes, but much better than store bought because you know the quality ingredientst you put in)

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