May 17, 2010

You Are Worth It!

I remember, years back, when I worked at an electronics company. I was having a particularly trying time in life, had a boyfriend that was making my life miserable and my supervisor said "Toni, you don't deserve this! You are worth more than this and he should treat you better." It meant the world that she said that to me and I "woke up" and dumped that guy and never looked back.

So now I want to say it to you. "You Are Worth It!" What are you worth? You are worth the time it takes to make a nutritious meal or snack for yourself and /or your family! Don't tell me you don't have time...if you really time it you'll see that it really doesn't take all that long. I did time the raw wrap video and it took 15-17 minutes to wash, cut and put together the wrap (OK you do have to go shopping or to the farm stand and have the items in your fridge...) Here's the video again

When I cook macrobiotics I make the grains and veggies in the morning and then just lightly warm them and eat them throughout the day (and again yes I have to shop and chop and cook...and make miso soup too...) OK I do think macrobiotics is harder to accomplish than raw food.....but I am worth it!
You are worth it too so "dump" that junk food/ processed food/fast food !

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