May 18, 2010


Wanted to explain my cheating...

On my strict macrobiotic diet, to heal my Lupus, I am under certain guidelines from my macrobiotic counsellor.
pressure cooked grains
pressure cooked beans
fish occasionally
pickled veggies/cultured veggies
nuts and seeds(all cooked except pumpkin and  sunflower seeds and walnuts)
no baked/dried products like breads ricecakes etc. (dried fruit OK occasionally)
no non dairy "ice creams" (like soy/rice dream "ice creams")
lots of cooked veggies
no spices/herbs
some seasonings/condiments ( like soy sauce/sesame oil/gomasio)
sea veggies (kombu/nori etc)
snacks should be leftovers, or mochi, nuts seeds, nut butters
very little cooked tree fruit or raw berries (bush/ground fruit)
sweets (amasake, brown rice syrup ,chestnuts( occasionally to rarely) (no chocolate -the hardest)
no nightshades -potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers etc

That's the basics although I am sure I left some things out.... when I cheat, I still stay inside the realms of my intolerances although I am not following macrobiotics strictly.

I have soy delicious soy "ice cream" or potatoes, or an occasional cupcake/ cookie that is gluten free and vegan home made (no eggs- no dairy), a rice tortilla(food 4 life), and of course (dairy free/dark)chocolate... chocolate is the hardest for me because I am not allergic to it and it seems to make me feel better. Dr. Oz said on his show one day that chocolate helps the spleen. I can't explain it but I really think chocolate helps me...I know what you are thinking...I'm addicted...but it doesn' feel that way at all.

Just wanted to put this out there. If I was to cheat and eat bread or eggs or dairy, I would be in pain for days with joint pains, headaches, migraines, sinus pain etc. that just isn't worth it...and as it still happens some times by accident - cross contamination - and I didn't know I ate it - and all those pains hurt me anyway....

Do try to find what you are allergic/intolerant to, then you can avoid those foods, have less body inflammation and feel better too. Hope you are having a pain free day!

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