May 27, 2010

Gluten Free Strawberry Pie

This can be vegan, without even the regular gelatin,  if you use agar flakes instead. Again this is not super healthy, only a once in a while treat, although you could also make a raw nut/date crust instead of their GF crust. Do you see a pattern here of me sharing sweet recipes??? It is PMS time.... all of a sudden desserts are on the mind. I am not making these all, thank goodness, just sharing them with you all. Personally I prefer my strawberries straight up, nothing added except maybe other berries as well!
We are going organic strawberry picking on Saturday! I can't wait!
For this pie, if you made a nut crust (using almonds and pecans or walnuts) and used soaked dried apricots instead of dates and used a strawberry kanten for the filling it would be MACROBIOTIC! I'm getting pretty good at changing recipes to fit macrobiotic/raw food/gluten free/vegan. Great job Toni!

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