May 3, 2010

My Cooking Skills Can Be Used For GOOD or EVIL!

Hi Everyone! What a weekend! I am tired and just slightly under the weather...I will explain...
I decided to get a bunch of new cookbooks from the library last week.(I will put the titles on my next post) I am eating mostly macrobiotics and have many food allergies/intolerances, I will post below and my daughter has a good amount of allergies. My son can't have dairy and my husband can't have gluten and egg yolks (they just got retested and we should get the new results in about a week or so.) All together as a family we are trying to eat less meat (at present I only eat fish about 1 time a week)

As far as being under the weather, I ate gluten free egg free dairy free coffee cake that I made over the weekend...I also had homemade pad thai for dinner (and something with both of them did not make me feel too wonderful, plus it is "that time of the month" and one dog that sleeps in our bed has fleas and she is up all night itching and keeping my husband and I up all night too....We also went for a 3 mile walk at a beautiful park yesterday, but 3 miles at a clip( we walked pretty fast) is more than we're used to... OK I am TIRED! To make me feel better that it was not ONLY me my husband was tired too...

The crumb cake and the pad thai was cooking for evil...even though the recipes were gluten free, dairy free and egg free,the coffee cake was baked (no baked foods for Lupus on macrobiotics, Bad Toni) , it had sugar, cinnamon,coconut oil, and the pad thai had red pepper flakes and other things I shouldn't eat...

On the other hand I can make delicious healthy things for myself like miso soup, salmon, mochi treats, tofu, beans and greens/veggies and other delicious foods that are GREAT for my body. Sometimes the devil sits on my shoulder and says make this "for your family" and then just "try a bite" GRRRR! I hate that voice...being a good cook can also make me stray more also....Here are my daughter's and my allergies/intolerances that we know of  at present...PS they can change if you have an issue with leaky gut...

Toni Allergies/intolerances-- dairy, beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, yeast, banana, crab, shrimp, asparagus,cranberries, gluten, wheat, spelt, corn, garlic, beets, cauliflower, haddock, malt, oat, black pepper, hops, mustard,olive, sunflower, lots more foods are mild intolerances that I should rotate and not have each day.

My daughters allergies/intolerances--dairy, eggs, chicken,coffee, sugar, cranberry, lobster, oyster, asparagus, wheat, gluten, oats, peanuts, rye, sesame, spelt


  1. Hi Toni,
    I have developed gluten free sourdough recipes around my own food allergies. I have combined old fashioned sourdough techniques with gluten free seed and grain flours and have come up with excellent, delicious breads, muffins and pancakes. They are also free of dairy, eggs, soy, yeast, sweeteners, gums and baking powder. Very suitable for sensitive digestions.

    I'm not sure if they are suitable for you if you are on a macrobiotic no-bake diet. They might be suitable for your daughter. If you occasionally "cheat" like with crumb cake, you might be better off "cheating" with my breads because they are so digestible.
    I have posted a free download of the starter recipe plus pancake recipe:
    This type of baking takes some time to understand and master so it will not be for everyone. With planning it doesn't have to be time consuming. For people able to take the time it's well worth it as the breads are tasty, easy to digest and have an extremely long shelf life!
    My complete, and continually growing recipe book, Art of Gluten Free Sourdough Baking, is available in pdf and print form on my website,

    Good Luck and Eat Well!

  2. Sharon,
    Thanks for your comment, great to know you have come up with great allergen free bread recipes. I will not buy a book unless I can preview it first at the library and try the recipes to make sure I like it. I have limited funds... Thanks for the few free recipes on your site. Keep in touch...all my great recipes are FREE on and