May 16, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!!!????

I just thought of that famous saying "Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!" from the Wizard of Oz.

I realized that I could subsitute anyone saying (myself included)
 "Gluten Free and Raw Food and Macrobiotics OH MY!"

Sometimes these things seem daunting how could you possibly change your diet???

I also realized I am now posting macrobiotic recipes..... but let me go back to grass roots and say even if you have found out you have allergies or think you might have allergies, God gave us PLENTY of foods to choose from, there is ALWAYS something left to eat! I promise!

For instance if you have an issue with gluten , put together a dinner of  fish/meat, rice or potatoes and vegetables or a salad(watch the salad dressing and NO CROUTONS (unless there from gluten free bread). Then you've got an easy GF(gluten free) meal. No rolls/bread/breading/breadcrumbs/ watch gravies, etc.

I have been studying nutrition on the internet, at the library,through famous holistic doctors and the books articles they write,  through various doctors I have gone to and now my macrobiotics counsellor. I hope one day to formally study and get a certification/degree.

I REALLY believe the reason that people feel so much better when they are on a raw food diet or a macrobiotic diet is that those diets are free from dairy, eggs,  and many people can easily make them wheat/gluten free also. They also include tons of veggies and some fruits (for extra nutrition) and  both take out ALL processed boxed, salty, sugary, preservatives and artificial colors from the diet. This is a WIN WIN situation. Be healthy and happy.

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