May 25, 2010

Tooth Health and Macrobiotics

I went for my 6 month checkup today at the dentist. This time the hygenist said I had more inflammation. I told her I switched from raw food to cooked foods and grains (she doesn't understand macrobiotics)
She said I NEED some raw foods to exercise my gums and teeth. For instance eating a raw apple "brushes" your teeth for you as you chew...on macrobiotics I am eating all softer foods, even have to cook my apples!
I do cook many of my veggies lightly, (al dente)when cooking for macrobiotics, but this still isn't giving my teeth enough exercise. I am sure I am getting lots of nutrition on a macrobiotic diet for strong teeth...but...
I also feel that with grains (supposed to eat them 3x a day! and snacks too!) I always feel like I have a "slime" on my teeth that didn't happen with raw food.

 Last time (6 months ago) I went to the dentist, I had a glowing report and a healthier mouth on a  raw food diet. Less inflammation, strong teeth.

What I am trying to say here is that I believe both types of food are required, raw and cooked, to eat for a healthy life.

I still believe there is a place for macrobiotics and raw together in my life, and that I need the miso soup(for digestion and probiotics) and the sea veggies(for the minerals) and grains and beans (for protein and to sweep out the cholesterol and other toxins) etc. but again I've come to the opposite conclusion that raw food is NOT evil either (macrobiotics cooks almost EVERYTHING!)

I have come to the conclusion that no extremes are good, it doesn't have to be all raw or all cooked.

PS - I feed my dogs and cats raw meat food and they need a marrow bone to chew on too regularly...we all need to work our teeth!

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