May 25, 2010

Macro vs. Raw of Note

Dirty Teeth (covered in grains) with macro... much cleaner with raw food (I had written this before I went to the dentist!)

Don't think all cooked or all raw, either one, is the answer think need both (wrote this before the dentist visit)

Warm Foods feel better in stomach and warm foods seem like a better idea to help Raynauds/circulation

More interesting food choices/recipes in raw food

I'm not fond of Japanese foods to begin with...

More intestinal healing built in to diet with macrobiotics, but could learn to add to raw (David Wolfe)

More medicinal things with macro, but could learn and add them with raw (David Wolfe)

No chocolate in macro, in most raw food diets considered a super food

More lifestyle directions in macro

Fermented pickles and  fermented other foods in both diets

Sea veggies in both diets

Lots of tropical foods in raw... not allowed in macro

No meat, eggs, dairy, in both diets (eliminates many peoples allergies both are good "elimination diets")

Gas cooking in macro

Both considered healing diets

Raw has more interesting desserts

Macro has soy (usually fermented)

More grains in macro (diabetes risk?)  in raw some sprouted grains

Nightshades in raw... not in macro

Cooked beans in macro,  sprouted beans in raw

Tea in macro

Herbs in both raw and macro

****As of the end of this month I have been on a macrobiotic diet 2 months******

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  1. LOL that was good! I like that ;0))) Happy 2nd month anniversary! Keep going!