August 16, 2009

The dreaded amalgam fillings....

This has plagued me for quite some time....
I have a mouthful of silver fillings(mercury amalgams), I will call the dentist and see how many I actually have. I have heard that you release the toxins worse by trying to remove them...
Here is a very in depth article on mercury, what it does to your body and how to get rid of it.


  1. Your dentist can determine the amount of toxicity you have (not through the mercury vapor analyzer which is not considered affective). I had myself tested four years ago I was found to have nothing (I have 4 fillings from childhood). There is much controversy over this and perhaps its due to post about it! Thanks for the idea!!! Keep us posted on what you find out from you dentist.

    1. How did you tested the the toxicity you have. I have some amalgams myself as well as lupus, and would like to test in on myself as well. Thank you.

  2. What type of test did your dentist do exactly, do you trust that you don't have a problem wouldn't the dentist have a conflict of interest. I mean wouldn't he do anything to say you didn't have a problem? Sorry I'm being such a cynic...

  3. A holistic doctor did the test to show that my urine had high mercury excretion when given a certain pill. If you go to a holistic doctor and ask for them to see if you have high mercury levels they will be able to tell you exactly how the testing works.