August 20, 2009

TOXINS or Why we ALL need to Detox!

At the beginning of "The Gerson Miracle" DVD they tell a story about the daily toxins you may encounter. I don't remember it exactly, but it goes something like this...

You wake up and take a shower
with chlorinated water
and phlalates and other harmful chemicals in your soap/shampoo

you dry off with a towel that has been washed with bleach and laundry detergent that has nasty chemicals in it

you get in your car and are assaulted with the "new car smell"(even if your car is not new you are still in with all the chemicals) plastic and outgassing carpet, petroleum and other harmful chemicals

you drive to work in traffic with exhaust coming into your car and into your lungs.

you get to work and are breathing toxic flooring and glues and paints.... it just goes on and on.....

All US products are assumed "safe" unless proven detrimental to our health.... in Europe items are considered "unsafe" unless proven safe for the population. This is TRUE! Always question what is on your grocery store shelves etc. in teh US!!!

Some things to worry about...don't get overwhelmed ....just change things day by day item by item.
Everything does NOT need to be changed right away. Each baby step will help you be healthier.

Bleach in laundry
Bleached paper products paper plates,coffee filters, paper towels, pool chemicals
plates and coffee mugs made in China
actually almost anything made in China
particle board furniture and flooring
cell phones
BPA in lining of canned foods
fluorescent lightbulbs
ink in your newspaper
plastic bags
candles(watch parrafin and lead wicks)
febreze, glade and other air fresheners
antibacterial soaps
household cleaners
cheap jewelry
processed packaged foods
food preservatives
artificial colorings
leaded crystal
aluminum in deodorant, aluminum foil
laundry soaps
dryer sheets
skin creams
nitrites, nitrates
plastic water bottles
microwave oven
UV rays
mouthwash(and other tioletries)
moth balls
sun screen(better to wear a hat and protecive clothing)
Don't get anymore mercury amalgams you can ask your dentist to give you resin fillings(still plastic... but better than mercury!)
don't eat fish that is at the top of the food chain(more mercury and PCB's)


  1. Also watch out for glazed pottery and dishes and crock pots.

  2. also don't use too much air conditioning(but use if your health deems it necessary)