August 5, 2009

Gluten free first, then healthy and allergy free

I thought of something the last few days and wanted to document it. I had gone gluten free and other foods free at the beginning a little more than a year and a half ago, but over time my diet has gotten better and better.

At first I was eating GF breads/cakes/cookies, made with GF flours, you know the potato starch and the tapioca starch and the rice flours. Now I don't have those in my diet much at all. I had found Babycakes recipes that were GF and vegan (because not only was I GF I was egg free and dairy free.) I have found the recipes that were posted on the internet were even better than Erin's cookbook which I bought and tried some recipes and wasn't as happy with how the recipes in the cookbook came out..... :(

I was sad about a thing that Peter Green said at the Celiac talk that I went to...he said that a GF diet was not healthy...well it can DEFINITELY be healthy. Of course if you replace all the healthy whole wheat bread with potato starch and tapioca starch and white rice flour made bread that will NOT be as healthy.
On the other hand if you have whole grains like quinoa and amaranth and millet instead of bread or add those flours to your GF bread you may actually be HEALTHIER than a wheat eater!

Lately I eat naturally GF foods like flax crackers and nut butters and fruit and veggies and "raw" food dishes and desserts. I also eat beans and brown rice and brown rice tortillas and free range/no antibiotics/grain fed ground turkey, wild Alaskan salmon and wildcaught cod and flounder. (I do not eat chicken anymore because the NAET practioner said if I am highly allergic to eggs then I shouldn't eat chicken either because people that have an allergy to one usually have an allergy to the other)

My one "bad" thing if you want to call it that is that I still eat cocoa/chocolate(without milk of course-I only eat dairy free or dark chocolate) I don't have it that much though.
I think I have been feeling even better, the Dr. Cranton rare foods diet sealed it, I had felt much better after doing that. I have added some things back in after the elimination, but all in all am doing better.

The thing that I am trying to say here is my body may still need time to heal because I was still eating foods I was allergic to not so long ago. I will keep on pushing on and I have faith that I will find peace from all my symptoms. May you all find peace too!


  1. Take your time and be kind to your body. I was diagnosed with CD/DH over 5 years ago and now that I am RAW I find it amazingly easier than it was when I went GF. When I was diagnosed there were not many tasty alternatives so I just omitted them and had them once in a while when the market seemed to increase products available. BUT gong raw was so GF know-how needed because there are only a few glutenous products in this lifestyle (Essene Bread, Rejuvalac, etc)that are so easy to avoid! But had I found this first I might not have learned so much about myself, my body, and my illness. So take your will are right where you need to be at this moment in time....

  2. Lupus Girl
    Thanks for the kind words!
    I am a good cook so even when GF wasn't available I made what I wanted, but you are right "Raw" is much easier. I will be teaching a class on raw and macrobiotic cooking in the fall if the class fills. Last semester I taught GF cooking/baking,(also dairy free and mostly egg free) it was fun. I wasn't eating those foods anymore though(even though I taught the class I didn't taste anything I made) so this time I am going to TEACH how I eat NOW!