August 13, 2009

OK you have Lupus What's next? A repost

This is a repost of things that I feel helped me tremendously and things I'd like to pass on to all of you...

Here are some steps I recommend that you try if you are diagnosed with Lupus or any other autoimmune disease:

1)Keep a food/symptom diary. This will show if you have a repeated reaction to a food that you need to avoid to feel better. Also create a health "binder" the three hole type that you can put all your pertinent health information : copies of your blood tests, questions and research articles for your doctor/s, supplements, medications you are taking, allergy testing, etc (I also put in a copy of my blog in my health binder.)

2)Get tested for Celiac disease(often Lupus and Celiac go hand in hand,check the internet for articles)

3)Get a complete blood test from your health practitioner and also test if you are deficient in Vitamin D, Magnesium, Calcium, (B12 and all the rest of the micronutrient testing too)check mercury levels,(and other heavy metals tests too) and thyroid function .Check for osteoporosis, bone density.

4)Test for allergies(with kinesiology or blood testing) (allergies and autoimmune diseases go hand in hand too again check the internet- look up "leaky gut" too)

5)Avoid all foods you test allergic/intolerant to.

6)Detox your body(safely) don't try anything too wacky... I like eating tons of organic veggies and fruits and making fruit or veggie juices(always fresh fruit or veggies) or smoothies(with fresh or frozen fruits/veggies)

7)Flood your body with nutrients, eat super healthy foods,seasonal foods, raw food diets, macrobiotic diets, certified organic food, lots less salt(if you overdo), NEVER eat processedfoods, don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, have lots of Omega 3's, no soda, avoid too much caffeine/coffee, no trans fats, no artificial sweeteners, less real sugar or no real sugar. Chew each mouthful of food many times to aid in digestion, swirl juices smoothies in your mouth to be sure they are mixed with saliva before swallowing. Try to eat in a peaceful environment.

8)Exercise(don't laugh at me) I know you are in pain, try small steps, go get the mail, walk your kids to school, park further out from the grocery store, walk walk walk anywhere you can. Stretch! Yoga Or Tai Chi or Pilates. One thing to remember, DO NOT overdo on your good days, always strive to end early don't push yourself or you will hurt and not be able to do ANYTHING tomorrow.

9)Rest when you need to, say "no" if you are too tired!

10)Stress less... try not to sweat the small stuff, practice breathing exercises, many CD's are available at your local library, Andrew Weil has some excellent CD's on breathing/relaxation visualization and healing. Watch comedies, read joke books LAUGH!!!

11)Feng Shui-or lessen the clutter, clean your environment(don't laugh at me) I know you are too tired to clean! Try to do a little at a time or at least clean your bedroom and that can be your retreat...

12)Detox your house and your work space and your world as much as possible.What is in your soap,shampoo, your deodorant, your toothpaste,your make up, your shaving cream,etc.?Your skin absorbs everything into your body.Try to get a shower water filter, or a whole house water filter(chlorine is a nasty chemical). Don't use bleach in your laundry, get a environmentally safe laundry soap, dishwasher soap.Don't use aluminum pans/foil(at least don't let the aluminum foil touch your food, use less canned products many are coated inside with harmful chemicals, don't wear cheap jewelry many have lead in them and other harmful chemicals, don't wear nail polish. Home carpets/rugs and paints have many nasty chemicals in them try to find environmentally safe home decor items. Use wood, stone metal rather than plastic etc. Avoid phlalates in many toiletry items(soaps, shampoos,perfume,etc.)Get an air purifier and use it. Use natural home cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda. Read the labels, look up chemicals on the internet. Some are very scary! Wear organic cotton clothing, or look for bamboo fabrics. Use glass to store foods instead of plastic. NEVER heat food in plastic in the microwave, better yet don't use a microwave oven at all. Be careful of plastic water bottles left in the car on a hot day, plastics leach chemiclas into food and water when heated.

Read "Pain Free in 6 Weeks..." by Sherry Rogers MD and/or any other Sherry Rogers books.

***Always ask questions and keep reading and learning about your disease. Doctors don't know everything and there is so much information to learn. You may stumble on something that can help you and you can bring it to your doctor's attention. Good Luck!

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