August 3, 2009

A way to save time with preparing foods

One of the ways I save time is to have am or pm "chopping" time. I take all the veggies that I will use within 3 days and wash and chop them and store them in glass containers, or if I am being quick in ziploc bags. When I am finished all I need to do to prepare a meal is pour or scoop a little of this and a little of that. We don't usually do this but if you have the money, and not the time/energy, get premade salad from the grocery store(in a bag or from the salad bar).

Also when you make a dish that you know will freeze or refrigerate well, make double or triple and save some for an easy dinner/lunch another day.

Now I don't want all of you getting CRAZY, but I saw this a couple of weeks ago and it just made me smile. Now these are some people who love food and art(I AM IN NO WAY saying that you all should do this, unless you want to... and you have the energy!) but just look at the artwork and enjoy and have a laugh or a smile!!!


  1. GREAT, BLOG! And great information.....keep it up!! ;0)))

  2. Lupus girl,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence!!! Love your blog too!