August 13, 2009

Staying Hydrated in the Summer

Just catching up on my blogging...and waiting for my son to call to be picked up from a sleepover...

Many of the things I do now come naturally and I just"know " them in my brain or "know" them "by heart."
I figured I'd mention another one that I hadn't blogged about.

Staying hydrated is VERY important especially when the weather is hot in the summer. We all sweat more in the heat of the summer and we lose minerals and electrolytes as we sweat.

Most times I choose water to quench my thirst, water will detox you well but it also washes away and dilutes your mineral/electrolyte stores.

Drinking homemade juice or smoothies(made with fresh organic veggies/fruits and a juicer or high powered blender) increase minerals and nutrients and detox at the same time. The more dark green leafy veggies the better. If you mix fruits, or a fruit, with a little of dark green leafy veggies if you can deal with the "funky" color you will NOT taste the greens.

I try to make juice fresh and drink it right away because it gets oxidized and loses some nutrition as it sits, and is in contact with the air(this is true even when refrigerated in an airtight container ). Also it is good to swirl juices /smoothies in your mouth to let them mix with saliva before swallowing.

The Gerson Therapy talks about the very ill, or cancer patients needing to drink 13 glasses of juice a day! This detoxes the body(also they recommend coffee enemas to rid the toxins faster , because you could release the toxins into the blood stream and be poisined from the toxins if they are not excretely rapidly)

One thing I find difficult is after each juice making session you have to clean the machine right away(so with the Gerson method all you could do in a day is make juices clean the juice maker and that would probably take you all day! The people at Gerson recommend that you have a friend or relative or other person help you with this task.) It is a lot of work! But we ARE WORTH it!

Also fruits and veggies all add moisture/hydration to your body, just make sure you chew them THOROUGHLY! they should be liquid or just about liquid to give your body an easier time to digest them and to absorb ALL the nutrients.

PS don't touch sodas they are POISIN to your body and all your body does is have to work harder to detoxify all the awful chemicals/colors/articial flavors YUK! If you want soda make your own with sparkling water and your favorite fruits/juices.

PSS Juices that you buy in the store are all pasteuized that kills many nutrients/enzymes better to make your own juice at home, or stop at a "fresh" juice bar, make sure they don't add sugar. Fresh juice is much healthier for you!

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